In no particular order, some things Simplish does for your WordPress site:

  • Valid HTML5 output.
  • Internationalization: Simplish ships with the following locales and is ready for translation into more:
    • Greek (el)
    • French, France (fr_FR)
    • Portuguese, Portugal (pt_PT)
    • Swedish, Sweden (sv_SE)
    • Belarusian, Belarus (be_BY)
    • Russian, Russia (ru_RU)
    • Turkish, Turkey (tr_TR)
  • Title elements are Google-friendly out of the box, using the Pagename – Sitename convention.
  • Microformats support: Entries are hAtom microformatted, including ISO published date, author hCard.
  • Author archive bio pages with author URL and bio from profile, author Gravatar, wrapped in an hCard. Rather handy on multi-author blogs.
  • Threaded comments (aka nested replies) (WP 2.7+).
  • Custom menu support (WP 3.0+)
  • Commenter Gravatars.
  • Individual permalinks for Comments.
  • Nifty Sitemap page template.
  • Standard-issue and valid Archives and Links (aka Blogroll) page templates.
  • Sensible styling for base elements, (e.g., tables, lists).
  • Simple CSS for print media type, and your readers’ printers.
  • Only one image, 256 Bytes (the header shadow gradient).
  • Image Captions styles.
  • Stylesheet includes .alignleft | .aligncenter | .alignright convenience classes for content image alignment.
  • Tags Taxonomy.
  • Choose-your-taxonomy: Use categories, tags, both, or none. Simplish shows what exists; gracefully suppresses Category/Tags display if they don’t exist, per-post.
  • Sidebar widgets supported.
  • Honors your date format settings.
  • Prev/Next post links on single-post views.
  • Source is available and free, licensed under the GPL. You can use, modify, and even redistribute your own version of Simplish.
  • Listed in (and meets the requirements of) the Official WordPress Themes Directory.

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  1. [...] di esserci o quasi. Tentato da questo stile per k2, alla fine ho mollato il colpo ed atterrato su simplish. La sidebar è tutta da rinfrescare. Devo riabituarmi a wordpress. Tra tutto scelgo [...]

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