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Simplish version 2.0

Posted by – August 19, 2008

Major overhaul and hCard departures

  • Complete hcard/hatom microformatting for posts, authors, even the theme itself.
  • Blog.txt/Sandbox-inspired hCard producer functions
  • Author’s posts page `extended’ author hCard, with Gravatar
  • Improved Archive page (monthly, category, tag, etc) with Archive-level title
  • Implemented hAtom hfeed classes around Archives lists as appropriate
  • Add single post prev/next post links near footer
  • Standardize presentation of prev/next ^(page post), read more, and edit links, respectively, at bottom of content
  • Change to simple “Google Style” Subject – Sitename title elements
  • Add search term feedback in search results page title and content
  • Extensive validation and testing against: WordPress 2.6.1, WordPress 2.7-bleeding, WordPress-µ 2.6 and µ svn HEAD
  • Override default gallery shortcode to make output visually identical, but valid XHTML
  • New Sitemap template page
  • (Minor) code cleanup of Links and Archives page templates
  • Sidebar [ol ul] lists styling fixes, and show page hierarchy with indents
  • Bare beginnings of gettext internationalization

Get the latest Simplish right here, or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

Simplish version 1.3.3

Posted by – July 18, 2008

Wider release, update for WordPress 2.6

  • Adopt new WordPress 2.6 wp-caption* styles
  • Adopt X.Y.Z version numbering imposed by wordpress/extend/themes
  • Image alignment styling fixes from user feedback