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Simplish "2.1.8T"

Posted by – April 15, 2009

There is a Simplish version 2.1.8RC available that adds 3 missed strings for localization. Translators can get it by any of:

  1. git [clone || pull] git://labs.utopian.net/simplish
  2. simplish-2.1.8RC.tgz
  3. simplish-2.1.8RC.zip
  4. simplish.pot.zip (Just the .pot gettext template file.)

For inclusion in Simplish 2.1.8, send a git patch or the updated .po file for your language/region to josh@utopian.net, or put a link to your compressed .po file in the comments on this post.

Many thanks to the folks doing localizations of the theme!

Threadbare no longer (Simplish 2.1.4RC)

Posted by – November 27, 2008

As mentioned in comments onĀ my original mild objection, I’ve been convinced that threaded discussions, new in the upcoming WordPress version 2.7, are a good value at the price. So today I slapped support for the feature into Simplish. This version of the theme should be considered “beta” quality, just like the new WordPress features on which it’s built. Both are subject to change before final release.


The demo shows a “jacob’s ladder” style for the comments/replies layout, where both left and right margins are indented per-thread-level. It’s an (experimental) attempt to ease the “comment chaos” feeling a deeply-threaded discussion can give.

A special thanks to Otto for his comments and his indispensable threaded comments getting-started doc.