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Simplish goes Google Code

Posted by – September 21, 2009

We’ve been moving things around as Labs/Blogs reaches the end of its project. This means major changes for Simplish — we hope in the form of expanded collaboration and easier access. At any rate, the theme is moving, but not going away, and continues to be maintained by Utopian.net Labs.

Simplish is fairly stable these days, but if you had been following the git development branch, the source is now using the Mercurial DVCS and hosted at Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/simplish/. We hope you’ll want to join the project as a contributor, and that you’ll find the code easier to access and issues, if any, easier to report.

The demo blog hopped over to our burgeoning hosted-solution service, and can now be found at http://simplish-demo.pomfolio.com. This blog will likely follow it there in the near future — or else will be entirely replaced by the wiki and other pages/documentation possibilities at Google Code.

Of some note to developers is the fact that during the git -> hg -> code.google.com import-export chain, we left out individual author names on past commits – they have the single author of our hg mirror repo. This leaves out some commit credit, not least for Demetris & Brianna. Individual authors will be there as usual on future commits pushed to the new project home.