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Simplish version 2.5.2

Posted by – January 25, 2011

For many folks, Simplish 2.5.2 will be the first new version since 2.4, because versions 2.4.1, 2.5, and 2.5.1 were never made available in the wordpress/extend/themes directory. So at last, a new version is available for automatic updates in your WordPress admin panel. It should be noted that this release is a major delta since the last wp/extend public release (v.2.4): It contains everything in the change log since Aug 9, 2010, to be exact.

Version 2.5.2 has all the fixes and features noted in the posts for 2.4.1 and 2.5.1, and adds an updated Greek localization courtesy of Demetris, and a couple fixes for ol and ul list layouts, ensuring that numbered lists are, in fact, displayed with numbers and that all lists have enough bottom margin to prevent crowding the element below them.

Download Simplish version 2.5.2 here (.zip, sha1:38732623e9e0f405157f8758baf38a1a2cd2ca86), or get it now in the WordPress themes directory.

Simplish version 2.5.1

Posted by – January 18, 2011

Introducing Simplish 2.5.1!

Neither of  the 2.4.1 or 2.5 versions were officially released in the Themes Directory, so for many users, 2.5.1 rolls up several months of changes, fixes, and enhancements.


  • Use WordPress’s body_class() to automatically generate CSS classes for content
  • Use post_class() for same reasons
  • Rename ambigious #page element ID to #content-wrapper
  • Standardize use of wp_link_pages() for intra-article pagination
  • Add sticky post styling
  • Replace deprecated use of include() with get_template_part()
  • Cleanup places where floats need explicit clearing
  • Adopt the comment_form() function and stop hand-building the comment form
  • Comments on Pages
  • Standardize the inner link to #comments like every other wp theme on the planet
  • Give the widget sidebar a name
  • Improve and complete excerpt handling
  • Initial Post Thumbnail/Featured Image support
  • Add custom background image and color support and theme admin interface
  • Use the_widget() where possible in default sidebar
  • Improve single-image view (image.php template)
  • Replace deprecated get_links_list() with wp_list_bookmarks()
  • New Turkish tr_TR locale courtesy of Default32

Check the complete changelog for more details.

Download Simplish version 2.5.1 here (.zip, sha1:44ea012de16b4a50a3ba1fb67efd74136390b7b9), or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

Simplish version 2.4.1

Posted by – August 6, 2010

Simplish version 2.4.1 is a minor update that streamlines some HTML5 bits and adds and updates localizations.

Highlighted changes:

  • Add basic ARIA landmark roles support
  • Add Russian (ru_RU) localization (courtesy Michael Sgibnev)
  • Update Greek (el) localization for new v2.4+ strings (thanks to Demetris)

Download Simplish version 2.4.1 here (.zip, sha1:8f7e3ac0709076b60127b648c9d669835446a9ab), or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

New Belarusian translation

Posted by – April 20, 2010

Marcis G was kind enough to provide a new Belarusian localization for Simplish. Since we haven’t yet officially released a version of the theme including it, you can find the .po and .mo files in the Issues list if you need Simplish in Belarusian right away.

Simplish version 2.2.1

Posted by – October 30, 2009

Changes in version 2.2.1:

  • Synchronized French and Swedish translations
  • Decreased vertical space below the byline on each post
  • Switch back to Verdana font on Windows (from Calibri)

Download Simplish version 2.2.1 here (.zip, sha1:ac7b527fce64c8f40c2556fef9caa18098b2ceb0), or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

Simplish version 2.2

Posted by – October 18, 2009

Version 2.2 introduces the largest set of changes in several months, including new translations for French and Portuguese, minor styling enhancements, and a CSS rewrite that makes things more efficient without changing Simplish’s good looks.

On a display, there is only a single visible change in this release, but the numerous changes to the theme’s CSS will affect customizers or child-themers and therefore prompt a minor version bump over the venerable 2.1[.x] series. Print styles, on the other hand, have changed both in code and in visual presentation.

In honor of translators’ contributions since version 2.1.17, the Simplish Demo is rotating through the supported localizations.

Highlighted Changes

  • Add fr_FR localization for French, thanks to ttynixer.
  • Add pt_PT localization for Portuguese, thanks to ttynixer.
  • Optimize CSS according to Google Page Speed analysis.
  • Rewrite CSS for simplicity and efficiency. Reduce over-specification.
  • Trim dead selectors/rules. Merge some sharable selectors/rules.
  • Add new archives-list CSS class for common multiple-post listing styles.
  • Add underline on hover to author name in post byline.
  • More precisely define font, color, layout rules for printed output.

For a very detailed record of the changes in this release, see the developer changelog.

Download Simplish version 2.2 here (.zip, sha1:876b61a43a5da2bf98dd6392d65f972008956495), or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

Simplish version 2.1.8

Posted by – April 19, 2009

A minor update that adds a Swedish, Sweden (sv_SE) localization, adds a few missed strings for translation, and makes more appropriate use of en dash (“–”) rather than the minus (“-”) character.

  • Add sv_SE localization files for Swedish. Thanks Clement Durand.
  • Update el localization files for Greek. Thanks Demetris at op111.net.
  • Switch most page-visible minus literals to &ndash; entities. Thanks Demetris at op111. (For compatibility, the minus convention is maintained in <title> elements.)

Download Simplish version 2.1.8 here, or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

Simplish "2.1.8T"

Posted by – April 15, 2009

There is a Simplish version 2.1.8RC available that adds 3 missed strings for localization. Translators can get it by any of:

  1. git [clone || pull] git://labs.utopian.net/simplish
  2. simplish-2.1.8RC.tgz
  3. simplish-2.1.8RC.zip
  4. simplish.pot.zip (Just the .pot gettext template file.)

For inclusion in Simplish 2.1.8, send a git patch or the updated .po file for your language/region to josh@utopian.net, or put a link to your compressed .po file in the comments on this post.

Many thanks to the folks doing localizations of the theme!

Simplish version 2.1.7

Posted by – April 7, 2009

Hello, World!, or καλημέρα κόσμε!

The latest work on Simplish tried to scratch out the last un-gettext’d strings in the theme and finally generate a localization template (.pot file). The internationalization infrastructure is now in place, and Simplish is ready for translation into your language.

2.1.7 ships with a Greek (el) localization provided by Demetris from op111.net. To activate a translated version of the theme, follow these instructions to set your WPLANG and make WordPress run in your locale. If a .mo file for the locale exists in the simplish/languages subdirectory (true only for el right now), the theme will load it.


Download Simplish version 2.1.7 here, or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

Adding your own language to Simplish

To translate Simplish into your language, use the included languages/simplish.pot template to generate a .po file with the letter-encoding for your locale (e.g., fr_FR for the “French, France” locale). Then provide a translation for each string, saving the resulting .po and .mo files in the theme's languages subdirectory.

You can place a pointer to your translated .po file in the comments for inclusion in future versions of Simplish, or send them or a pointer via email. Given demand, we'll add features to the git repo available at git://labs.utopian.net/simplish to make for easier collaboration, but for now, git-format patches to add your translation will certainly be warmly received.

Farewell, valid Galleries

Unlike earlier versions, 2.1.7 uses the built-in WordPress gallery shortcode function instead of a custom version. This enables the settings for number of columns and other layout options that previously didn't work with the custom gallery implementation. Unfortunately, unlike the former sp_vallery() function in Simplish, the core WordPress gallery does not emit valid XHTML.

We expect WordPress's gallery shortcode will be changed to create valid XHTML at some point. Until then, any page/post including an image gallery will be invalid markup, unless a plugin or other workaround is used. The Cleaner Gallery plugin by Justin Tadlock has worked well for us.

Changes in version 2.1.7

  • Move most view-bottom prev/next navigation out to an included template, prevnextnav.php.
  • Delete the sp_vallery() function & don't filter WP core's gallery shortcode.
  • Wrap user-visible strings with gettext _e() and __() macros.
  • Change post byline to use a dash (-) to avoid issue with context of "at" in multiple languages, in absence of support in themes for gettext "contexts".
  • Stop using CSS text-transform: uppercase in archive headings to avoid issue with accented characters in uppercase in many non-English languages.
  • Add languages/ subdirectory and code to get locale files from there.
  • Generate gettext .pot translatable strings template.
  • Add el.^(po mo) localization files for Greek locale. Thanks Demetris at op111.net.