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Simplish Chromed

Posted by – September 3, 2008

In Chrome like a Harley

Like everyone else, I wanted to check out Google’s latest. So today I grabbed the Chrome beta on a Vista virtual machine (still trying to get that taste out of my mouth) and flipped quickly through the pages of Simplish. Even on the beastly Vista, the multi-process-style Chrome has a light snappy feel. All things being relative in big, GUI apps, I’m not sure if it’s Chrome that’s fast, or just that my recent browser, Firefox, is so very slow.

Everything in the theme looked normal in Chrome’s WebKit to my (fairly distracted) eye, and that brings our tested browsers list to:

FreeBSD and Linux

Firefox 2, 3 (on various lunix); Konqueror… (on Kubuntu 8.0.4, which is KDE 3.5.x I think.)


Firefox 2, 3; Camino 1.6.x; Safari 3.1.x (all on Mac OS X v. 10.4.11)

Plan 9

Simplish degrades rather nicely in the basic Abaco native browser, and in the peripatetically cross-platform Inferno‘s Charon. I have posted simple test posts from Abaco, as well (though that’s nothing to do with the theme). ;-)


Internet Explorer 6 (Windows 2000), 7 (XP & Vista); Firefox 2, 3 (Vista); Safari 3 (Vista)