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Simplish version 2.3

Posted by – May 13, 2010

Freshened off a four-month break, a new Simplish massages the visuals just enough to mark version number 2.3. The latest changes burnish corners into gentle curves, erase extraneous divider lines, and multiply the multilingual mix with a new Belarusian (be_BY) localization.

The various *border-radius CSS techniques for turning corners don’t command the obedience of wayward Internet Explorer. While we tested some special border-radius techniques for IE, corners there remain square. Level 2.1 CSS validators will squawk at bits of the new CSS, while browser-specific mutations of same add typographical insult to standards-abandoning injury. Still, we feel those bevels are pretty sporty.

Another appearance tweak removes the bottom border that formerly underlined h4 headings.

Download Simplish version 2.3 here (.zip, sha1:3f8255653b4215c82f704700185f04f806c73c83), or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

New Belarusian translation

Posted by – April 20, 2010

Marcis G was kind enough to provide a new Belarusian localization for Simplish. Since we haven’t yet officially released a version of the theme including it, you can find the .po and .mo files in the Issues list if you need Simplish in Belarusian right away.