Month: January 2011

Simplish version 2.5.2

Posted by – January 25, 2011

For many folks, Simplish 2.5.2 will be the first new version since 2.4, because versions 2.4.1, 2.5, and 2.5.1 were never made available in the wordpress/extend/themes directory. So at last, a new version is available for automatic updates in your WordPress admin panel. It should be noted that this release is a major delta since the last wp/extend public release (v.2.4): It contains everything in the change log since Aug 9, 2010, to be exact.

Version 2.5.2 has all the fixes and features noted in the posts for 2.4.1 and 2.5.1, and adds an updated Greek localization courtesy of Demetris, and a couple fixes for ol and ul list layouts, ensuring that numbered lists are, in fact, displayed with numbers and that all lists have enough bottom margin to prevent crowding the element below them.

Download Simplish version 2.5.2 here (.zip, sha1:38732623e9e0f405157f8758baf38a1a2cd2ca86), or get it now in the WordPress themes directory.

Simplish version 2.5.1

Posted by – January 18, 2011

Introducing Simplish 2.5.1!

Neither of  the 2.4.1 or 2.5 versions were officially released in the Themes Directory, so for many users, 2.5.1 rolls up several months of changes, fixes, and enhancements.


  • Use WordPress’s body_class() to automatically generate CSS classes for content
  • Use post_class() for same reasons
  • Rename ambigious #page element ID to #content-wrapper
  • Standardize use of wp_link_pages() for intra-article pagination
  • Add sticky post styling
  • Replace deprecated use of include() with get_template_part()
  • Cleanup places where floats need explicit clearing
  • Adopt the comment_form() function and stop hand-building the comment form
  • Comments on Pages
  • Standardize the inner link to #comments like every other wp theme on the planet
  • Give the widget sidebar a name
  • Improve and complete excerpt handling
  • Initial Post Thumbnail/Featured Image support
  • Add custom background image and color support and theme admin interface
  • Use the_widget() where possible in default sidebar
  • Improve single-image view (image.php template)
  • Replace deprecated get_links_list() with wp_list_bookmarks()
  • New Turkish tr_TR locale courtesy of Default32

Check the complete changelog for more details.

Download Simplish version 2.5.1 here (.zip, sha1:44ea012de16b4a50a3ba1fb67efd74136390b7b9), or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.