Simplish version 2.4

Posted by – June 17, 2010

Simplish version 2.4 is here, hand-in-hand with the new WordPress 3.0.

First and foremost: This release is not compatible with earlier versions of WordPress. Use it only with WP3.0 and up.

Only minor refinements are apparent to the eye: You won’t see the word “Trackback” in the comments area anymore, and the former “Pages” list in the default sidebar is now labeled “Navigation” to accommodate the optional custom menu. Just beneath the surface, the theme now outputs HTML5 where once there was XHTML 1.0.

Highlighted Changes

  • HTML5 output
  • Support new custom menus
  • New CSS reset
  • Suppress the inline gallery style — remove a validation stumbling block
  • CSS updates for gallery styling, efficiency
  • Use automatic feed links for uniform & dynamic header metadata
  • Rewrite and modernize functions.php — better child theme override support
  • Replace/remove deprecated WordPress function calls

Check out the change log for a complete list.

Download Simplish version 2.4 here (.zip, sha1:65dcb73e219d6ea20a3363554e76e2033a5b4db0), or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

4 Comments on Simplish version 2.4

  1. demetris says:

    When I saw “Support new custom menus”, I thought for a moment you added an horizontal navigation menu to Simplish! :-o

    You people are fast! Congratulations!

    If I may add two little suggestions for a future release:

    1. Change the charset declaration to the hypercompact style recommended for HTML5. See:

    2. Add ARIA landmark roles. They are perfectly valid HTML5, very easy to incorporate, and recommended by the accessibility people. See again a WordPress trac ticket:

  2. Jack says:

    Hi, I posted a large image on one of my pages, and something automatically scaled it down to fit. Then I deleted the sidebar code from all the pages in the theme editor, but the image still stays how small it is. Full size, the image should fit in the new page (without the sidebar). I’ve tried deleting the cache. I’ve tried deleting and re-uploading the picture. The sidebar is not there. I’ve exhausted all the options I know of…what should I do?