Simplish version 2.2.3

Posted by – December 22, 2009

The latest minor update to Simplish bumps it to version 2.2.3, and it brings a little change to the handling of Categories in the post meta box, spearheaded by Demetris. The theme now specifically checks for the category name Uncategorized, so if you’ve renamed your cat ID #1, it will be displayed on posts in only that category. Previously such posts would show no categories, as though the post were “Uncategorized”.

This change is tiny, but more details can be found in Issue #19 at the Simplish project site.

Download Simplish version 2.2.3 here (.zip, sha1:ac92c5a8d1168d69aafd94fa43c1dd880cac01ce), or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

2 Comments on Simplish version 2.2.3

  1. blogresipi says:

    I am using simplish right now. Trying to edit header.php to put meta tag for Alexa and Technorati. Unfortunately the message prompts up and saying:

    Sorry, that file cannot be edited.

    How should I do now?


    BTW I’m not a techie.

    • utopian says:

      That will be down to the file permissions and configuration of your specific installation. That is, it is not a problem with Simplish itself.

      If you’re editing in the WordPress admin panel, the files must have an access mode that allows the user ID of your web server to modify them. Your hosting provider should be able to help you with the specifics for your install.

      However, it will probably be easier to use a plugin like It will allow you to add and edit meta tags without modifying the theme code.

      Hope that helps.