Simplish version 2.1.12

Posted by – October 7, 2009

Simplish 2.1.12 fixes two minor sidebar styling issues, and updates the URL pointing to this site.


  • Spacing from sidebar element bottom to next element’s h2 consistent. (Noted especially on Search element.)
  • Spacing below tag cloud widget, if any, matches normal element spacing.
  • Footer links and blog info in style.css use new URL (

Download version 2.1.12 (.zip, 95KB), or see it soon in the WordPress Themes Directory.

5 Comments on Simplish version 2.1.12

  1. demetris says:

    Congratulations on the new domain and on the new home for Simplish!

    Does the domain name have a special meaning? I’m seeing it in the address bar and I’m thinking of apples. Should I be thinking of pomegranates instead? Am I missing something? :-)


    • josh says:

      Well, Brianna says the logo is a pomegranate, but I always thought it was an exploding tomato. Go figure. ;)

      Pomfolio is just about ready for “official” launch, and it’s going to be an add-on service for our clients to quickly make project- or event- oriented blogs and the like. In the meantime, we’re using it for several of our own projects (it replaces the old sites at

      • demetris says:

        I sometimes see the logo as a pouch. But it’s reassuring to know that Brianna says it’s a pomegranate.

        (By the way, the apple association came to me from the sound of “pom(me)”.)

        I’m looking forward to the official launch.


  2. Rawstring says:

    Really? I’ve been a fan of simplish for quite a while and always thought the logo was an onion!

    Oh well… :p

    Keep up the excellent work, dude! You take K.I.S. to a whole new (and classy) level :)

    • josh says:

      Ha! Onion is the funniest take on the logo I’ve heard in a while.

      Once we had to have some decals for a race car made up on short notice, and for some reason the vinyl cutter made the pomegranate _purple_. It looked sort of like an eggplant then. (There are even photos somewhere online, IIRC.)

      Thanks for the compliments, at least almost all of which belong to Hardy’s Scribbish theme of Ruby-blog-engine fame.