Simplish "2.1.8T"

Posted by – April 15, 2009

There is a Simplish version 2.1.8RC available that adds 3 missed strings for localization. Translators can get it by any of:

  1. git [clone || pull] git://
  2. simplish-2.1.8RC.tgz
  4. (Just the .pot gettext template file.)

For inclusion in Simplish 2.1.8, send a git patch or the updated .po file for your language/region to, or put a link to your compressed .po file in the comments on this post.

Many thanks to the folks doing localizations of the theme!

3 Comments on Simplish "2.1.8T"

  1. demetris says:


    I also have a suggestion for your consideration — to replace a few hyphens with ndashes (or *m*dashes — I don’t know what is the appropriate use in this case):


  2. josh says:

    The proper x dashes are probably a good idea. I have to look them up, because I can never remember which is which, em or en.

    I think that many English style guides see em as a little archaic, and have settled around using the spaced en dash, as you’ve used.

    Thanks for the el update and the patch!