Simplish version 2.1.6

Posted by – February 20, 2009

The 2.1.6 release of Simplish contains two fixes for problems discovered in version 2.1.5:

  • Default sidebar Pages menu now honors admin panel page Order settings
  • Footer text is once again properly aligned on the vertical

Note that any Simplish ≥ 2.1.5 is compatible only with WordPress versions ≥ 2.7.

Download Simplish version 2.1.6 here, or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

6 Comments on Simplish version 2.1.6

  1. Hans-Helge says:

    Hey Josh,

    I love your Simplish Theme. I use it for my Blog (Hans im Glück). But I have one request, I would enjoy a Simplish Theme with two Sidebars. Is it possible to create a Theme like that?

    Thank You
    Hans from Germany

  2. josh says:

    Thanks for the compliment. (It’s always a good time to note that credit for Simplish’s good looks belongs to Jeffrey Hardy and his Scribbish theme for other platforms.)

    I won’t add a second sidebar to the release version of Simplish. I have considered having no sidebar at all. Either one would require little PHP, but considerable CSS changes.

    The WordPress widgets api, here: gives the basics of how you’d go about the PHP part, with some more detail here:

    The theme’s CSS has the outer container fixed at 900 pixels wide; the main content area at 662px; and the sidebar at 200px. Assuming you want to add a left-hand sidebar, you might increase the overall width to 960px to start, then adjust the #sidebar and #content widths to fit in your addition. Maybe narrowing #content to 600 pixels you could have: (960 – 600)/2 – 20, leaving each sidebar at 160px, and a total of 40 px for horizontal margins.

    If my CSS were cleaner, this would be at least a little easier. For instance, you might like to make the #sidebar id a class instead, so you can cascade it over both your sidebars.

    I hope that helps rather than confuses. I have thought about extra or optional sidebars, or even none as I mentioned. As I don’t plan to implement either, I figure I might as well provide the info.

  3. Hans-Helge says:

    I’m surprised about myself ^^ I know HTML but not much about CSS and PHP I’ve never looked at. But I got it. I build an Simplish Theme with 2 Sidebars on the index page (one left and the other right) and in addition to that I created an third sidebar which displays on the single-post site. Because I think you click on a post you want to read this post and so sidebar 1 and 2 won’t be shown and sidebar 3 will show you some other facts and widgets ^^ I’m so proud ^^ … OK enough!

    I still have to do some improvements. Do you mind if I publish this theme with your name and my name as Editor? If you like I can send you a zip file and you can uploade this version. I don’t care! Contact me via eMail – Thy

  4. Hans-Helge says:

    Edit: I just tried to edit Simplish 2.1.6 (I build the second sidebar in Simplish 1.6.3) and I failed.

    I could create the second sidebar but this second sidebar will not shown in my WordPress admin widget site. I only can add widgets on my first sidebar.

    I changed the function.php but WP don’t accept it. Is there any other adjustments I have to take?

  5. Hans-Helge says:

    Problem Solved !!

  6. josh says:

    Very cool that you got Simplish working the way you like!

    We’ll always consider patches, changes/suggestions, and especially bug fixes, to Simplish itself, but since the theme is dedicated to “simple,” and to loosely following the styling of the Scribbish theme, multiple sidebars don’t fit into our plans for the mainline theme. In which case…

    Simplish is GPL-licensed software, which means, yes, you can definitely publish your own version of this theme. In fact, you don’t have to keep my name on the theme’s style.css file, nor do you have to keep the Simplish link in the footer. You can change both of those to point to yourself, and you can name your version anything you like. With three conditional sidebars, maybe it could be “Triplish”…. :)

    The only thing you do have to do under the license is make the source code available under the same license. You’ll do this automatically when you publish your version. You should probably keep the 3 files: LICENSE, LICENSE-SCRIBBISH, and NOTICE intact as they express the license, and give credit to other authors whose work came before mine, most importantly Jeffrey Hardy and Kenny Pitt. None of Hardy’s code is in Simplish, and very little of Pitt’s code remains, but clearly Hardy’s Scribbish design *is* the theme, and without Pitt’s original port, mine would not exist.

    Using the latest ‘tip’ version of Simplish experimentally available as a git repository at git:// may be helpful in keeping your changes synced up with the base version.

    Another route that may be possible is “Child Themes”, introduced here: With child themes you can change only the things you want to modify atop the basic Simplish, and not worry about staying in sync with the all the source code. I should have thought of/mentioned the child themes possibility earlier…

    Good luck!