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Posted by – February 1, 2009

With the version bump of the Labs/blogs WordPress-µ software to 2.7, we have threaded comments running live here with Simplish 2.1.4, obviating the (regular WordPress) site that had served that demo.

A version 2.1.5 of Simplish will be along soon that eliminates the WordPress version 2.6 compatibility code, and is compatible only with WordPress ≥2.7.

7 Comments on Threaded Comments Live

  1. sacharya says:

    I like this Simplish theme a lot and wanted to try out for my blog. I am using WP 2.5 and it doesn’t seem to do too well with the Geshi WP Syntax highlighter.
    What would you recommend for syntax highlingting ? Have you tried Geshi on this theme?

  2. josh says:

    I haven’t used the Geshi-based code colorers before, because I like Google’s a little better. However, I dropped the wp-syntax plugin in place here (on WordPress-µ 2.7), and it seems to work for a snippet of C:

    I’ve also tested it with plain WordPress locally and had the same results. That’s WordPress v2.7. What’s the specific issue you are having? Is the issue with posted PHP code, or with anything posted within pre tags?

  3. sacharya says:

    Thanks. I get similar result as yours, and I prefer using the line number

    and it doesnt look that nice.
    Nothing is messed up though. Just needs a lil bit of finishing touch.

  4. josh says:

    It sounds like you just want to stop the interaction of Simplish pre and code styles with the styles the plugin is adding. If you take a look at style.css:174, you can chop out most of Simplish’s styling for pre, if you plan to always run the Geshi plugin. You may also want to find and alter/excise the code styles.

    I haven’t looked into how to get the wp-syntax plugin to print line numbers; I don’t think the theme style is hiding them.

    As a design matter, I’d rather Simplish have sensible, black-and-white pre and code styles than for it to work with any particular code-coloring/formatting plugin. But the styles are fairly easy to remove in favor of your favorite plugin.

  5. josh says:

    As an aside: A month or two ago, I wired the Google code prettifier directly into Simplish in an experimental branch. I continue to like this code-colorer better than Geshi by a small margin. I believe there is a WordPress plugin incorporating this same syntax highlighting javascript.

  6. sacharya says:

    Alrite, just so if you wanted to know, check it out at
    Thanks for your help, and the wonderful theme.

  7. josh says:

    Thank you for leaving a link. Nice lookin’ site you got there. ;-)

    I actually read each and every one of your posts. How often can we say we wish a blog had been longer? I added your feed so I can keep up with your posts in the future; I really like your point of view.

    I think you’re being a bit rough on Google though. If you look at Thompson’s `Trusting Trust’ paper (or even an answer he gave recently on Ask-a-Google-Engineer), the picture arises of a world where you always trust someone with your data — Google, an OS vendor, Sun’s JRE…

    Open source is some measure of remedy for this — but only to the extent that an individual can comprehend a modern kernel and shared library stack in its entirety.

    Nevertheless, your concern is well-placed, and I enjoyed your comparison of the “Don’t be evil” slogan with a communist leadership preaching always and falsely about brotherhood and peace.

    Last but not least, a link from a commenter on your site pointed me at the Nitrogen framework, and I’m pretty excited about that.

    So it was a worthwhile trip to your site(!), and thanks again. Hope Simplish will be a good frame for your excellent content.