Simplish Sibling

Posted by – October 25, 2008

I like working with the Habari publishing software, and even moved my personal site to a Habari base recently. In that process, I created a sorta-port of Simplish — more of a sibling version, really — for Habari blogs. It’s called sp, and takes its moniker from the function prefix used in Simplish: sp_. You can check out a demo of sp, or download the theme for either the release, or the svn, versions of Habari, but I haven’t put together a slick theme site like this one yet.

Sp has the usual suspects from Simplish, like microformats (hAtom posts and hCards for their authors), clean and terse styling that loosely imitates the design of Jeffrey Hardy’s Scribbish “theme for stuff”, wrapped in valid markup output to the browser. It’s just implemented in the leaner, more perspicuous idioms of the Habari RawPHPEngine.