Simplish version 2.1

Posted by – September 1, 2008

What began as a couple patches for a minor 2.0.1 bump grew into more extensive 2.1 improvements:

  • Trackback URI and Comments: combine display into a single element.
  • Don’t display Category in post meta box for Uncategorized posts.
  • Fix empty li element by displaying nothing on posts without tags. (Thanks Tim Hamilton.)
  • Display dates on posts and comments now honor date format settings in wp-admin -> Settings -> General. (Thanks demetris from
  • Remove header_shadow.gif. Alignment changes by a few pixels; the blog title underline is now a CSS border, not an image.
  • Fix bug in sp_vallery() gallery shortcode override to handle links and HTML in gallery image captions.
  • Fix bug in sp_vallery() that created extra empty gallery div. (See this issue in upstream Sandbox code.)
  • Standardize and simplify use of text symbols:
    • [ ] (logged-in user UI elements)
    • | (element separation)
    • - (title element separation)
    • « » (chronological traversal)
  • Adopt rel=home in header and footer links to blog’s home page.
  • Replace all remaining comments_popup_link() calls with comments_link()/comments_number().
  • Don’t show post counts in default sidebar’s Archives and Categories lists.
  • A little more prep for gettext internationalization.
  • CSS cleanups and simplifications for some double-definitions. (Thanks
  • PHP code cleanups.
  • (Continued) Re-verification of posts and page templates for hAtom/hCard and XHMTL/CSS validity.

Download 2.1 right here, or see it soon in the WordPress themes directory.

3 Comments on Simplish version 2.1

  1. demetris says:

    Thanks for the fixes and the improvements, Josh. From an aesthetic point of view, I particularly liked the replacement of the header gif with a border.

    There is a small issue I’m seeing — the margin of the tags cloud widget:


  2. josh says:

    Thanks, demetris – very snappy catch. :-)

    Something like this at style.css:349 should correct the spacing down to the next item below the tag cloud:

    Change from:
    #sidebar li#search{
    Change to:
    #sidebar #search, #sidebar #tag_cloud{

    I’ll put in a patch for the next update once I go through the widget possibilities and see if there is a more general way to handle the single-li element cases.

    The even-quicker, cleaner hack until it’s fixed in a release is to insert a text widget below the tag cloud, and put a single <br /> tag in it.

  3. Oh great, new version! :)

    Glad I could help a little!