Exceedingly Clean (like Paul's Grandpa)

Posted by – August 20, 2008

Simplish made an appearance on op111.net’s 5-theme shortlist for WordPress. I almost missed the trackback because I was moving the demo blog to make way for this space.

In the end, op111′s demetris chose to apply his own styling to Scott Wallick‘s excellent Sandbox theme. I came close to doing the same thing when I went looking for a snazzy ‘default’-kinda theme for Utopian.net’s use – and for my own blog at the Labs. I decided to adopt and update Kenny/Jeffrey‘s ScribbishWP, but since I started changing and departing from both ScribbishWP (in code) and Scribbish itself (in style), the plaintxt.org themes like Sandbox and blog.txt have inspired choices for Simplish. We even copy their code: the two basic hCard producer functions used in Simplish 2.0 are derived from blog.txt source (closely enough that Scott’s copyright has joined the NOTICE.)

op111′s list has some references to the many uses folks make of the Sandbox plus some chameleon CSS – Sandbox comes out of the box looking like 1995, but can be made into anything you can tweak into and copy out of Firebug. My favorite is still Sandbox co-creator Andy Skelton’s re-implementation of WordPress’s default/kubrick theme atop Sandbox.

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  2. josh says:

    The title refers to the Beatles’ movie A Hard Day’s Night, since a contributor already asked me what the hell that was about. :)

  3. Scott says:

    Nice, Josh. Thanks for the credits. Those hCard functions are pretty basic, but they get the job done. The trick is you never know what data you’re going to have to spit out, so I just went with what I knew I would have. Like the Gravatar on the author archives. Slick.

  4. demetris says:

    Hello, people!

    Thanks for mentioning my review, Josh!

    I just added two comments on Simplish (about date format and link underlining). Maybe, since underlining is the only way to distinguish links in Simplish, it would be a good idea to declare the decoration and add an !important rule. — I always browse with link underlining disabled (and I always forget about it), and the first time I saw Simplish I was confused.

    BTW, the tgz format of the download is not a very friendly gesture to the non-linuxy and non-unixy population. :-p — Why not offer a zip package also? or just mention some software for Windows (7-Zip) and OS X (The Unarchiver)…

  5. josh says:

    @demetris: Thanks for the comments.

    We’re working on the date format thing, and should have a version that honors the settings in wp-admin later today. It will probably go with a few other changes and fixups as a version 2.0.1 soon. (It’s working here already at the dev and demo blogs.)

    Link underlining: I’ll test this visually just as soon as I find the link underline setting in Firefox. If we had an issue tracking system, this would go under “enhancement” — i.e., I’ll have to think about it. But the CSS suggestion is much appreciated – it’s certainly not my primary expertise. I’m sort of philosophically against the fact that !important can override a user style sheet.

    Lastly, I hadn’t considered Windows users at all, I’ll admit it. On the Mac, I believe a double-click on a .tgz file will expand it in the Finder, so no additional software needed. However, since we have to produce a .zip of each release for the themes directory anyway, I’ll put up a zip-compressed download when I release Simplish 2.0.1. (And of course, one can grab a .zip from Simplish’s home in the themes directory, too.)

  6. demetris says:

    @josh: My suggestion to use !important seems to be useless, at least in Firefox. :-(

    Just tested it. (The Firefox setting is in Edit, Preferences, Content, Colors.) I always thought that this GUI setting in Firefox did not use !important, but it seems that it does. In CSS2 !important by the user overrides !important by the author. (I think In CSS1 it was the other way around.)

    Thanks for looking into the date format thing.

  7. demetris says:

    Correcting myself:

    Just tested again, because it seemed strange to me.

    The GUI setting in Firefox does not override an !important rule by the author. It seems it only uses: text-decoration:none

    To override an !imporant rule by the author, you have to use the user CSS, that is, userContent.css within the profile, in the directory “chrome”.

    Sorry for the mix-up!