Month: July 2008

Simplish version 1.4.3

Posted by – July 23, 2008

Increase hCard coverage

  • Add microformatting for commenter name/link
  • Drop non-CSS2.1-compatible elements from wp-caption* styles (Compliance fix)
  • Removed unused compatibility code
  • Simplify post/comment date stamp code

Simplish version 1.3.3

Posted by – July 18, 2008

Wider release, update for WordPress 2.6

  • Adopt new WordPress 2.6 wp-caption* styles
  • Adopt X.Y.Z version numbering imposed by wordpress/extend/themes
  • Image alignment styling fixes from user feedback

Simplish version 1.2-3.0

Posted by – July 4, 2008

Simplish fork. Simplifies.

  • Delete all Scribbish 2.0 styles, options and comments from style.css
  • Delete commented optional narrow layout from style.css
  • Replace the greenscreen-styling of <pre> and <code> blocks with cleaner black-on-white, indented monospace (departs from Scribbish 3.0)
  • Fixed repetition of the archives style ID in sidebar.php
  • Added complete ISO 8601 date tooltips for post and comment dates (departs from Scribbish 3.0)
  • Fixups for XHTML validation (comments.php).